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David Hains, CA President. Director of Communication, Diocese of Charlotte

Welcome to the Catholic Academy

We are writers, producers, directors, educators, technicians, program distributors, media talent, administrators, marketers, students…

We are directors of communication for a diocese, religious community, health care or educational institution…

We are publishers, internet professionals, or persons in organizations with shared interests and goals…

…or we are simply interested individuals. If you are any of the above or simply a person who identifies with our mission and benefits, then the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals is the organization for you! Contact us now to become a member.



The Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals (CACP) is a professional organization of communication professionals supporting the mission and ministry of the Catholic Church in the United States. CACP is sanctioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

CACP is the official and primary organization for diocesan Directors of Communication and communication professionals involved in the many ministries, offices, dioceses, archdioceses, religious orders and organizations serving the Catholic Church.



The association has a long history dating back more than 60 years when it began as the Catholic Broadcasters Association. In 1972 with the advent of television, the organization changed its name to Unda-USA, aligned with Unda-World, one of three media organizations sanctioned by the Vatican. The two others involved film and print. With the merging of communication technologies, the film and broadcasting associations united, first internationally as SIGNIS in 2001 and then in the U.S. in 2002 as the Catholic Academy.  


 Contact the Catholic Academy National Office at 937-458-0265, admin@catholicacademy.org


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