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Thank you for being a part of the Catholic Academy.  On this page you can view the membership options and pay annual dues.


The Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals  is organization supporting the mission and ministry of the Catholic Church in the United States. We are  sanctioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Academy is the only US affiliate of SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication, which is also recognized by the Holy See.

The Academy is the official and primary organization for diocesan Directors of Communication and communication professionals involved in the many ministries, offices, dioceses, archdioceses, religious orders and organizations serving the Catholic Church.


Membership Levels

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP:  For individuals involved in church-related and/or professional communications ($210.00).  Includes all benefits plus one vote.


ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIP:  For institutions, diocesan offices, and other similar groups who support the objectives of Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals.  This category allows three persons, each with voting privileges ($575.00). 

Additional Non-Voting Organizational Membership ($125.00)

SPONSORING MEMBERSHIP:  For individuals, organizations,  commercial stations or those who support the objectives of The Catholic Academy, and who wish to make a charitable and philanthropic gesture to assist the organization.  This category allows three persons, each with voting privileges ($1,000.00). 


PREMIER MEMBERSHIP:  An honorary status reserved for those who wish to support the organization in its important Church communications ministry ($2,500.00).  No voting privileges.

ASSOCIATE PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP:  For persons interested in the aims and goals of the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals, including lay communications professionals working in the secular sphere ($125.00).  No voting privileges.

PARISH MEMBERSHIPS:  For two parish communicators ($85.00).  No voting privileges.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP:  For communications students, interns, seminarians and others preparing for church ministry ($45.00).  No voting privileges.








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